The Continental Advantage

  • Rugged cast iron or cast aluminum modular construction designed for continuous, dependable operation year after year

  • Uniform delivery of pulse free, oil free air

  • Quiet performance in compliance with OSHA regulations without the need for silencing

  • Variable volume flow capabilities up to 45,000 CFM

  • High efficiency design with adiabatic efficiencies up to 82%


Design Features

Casing: Cast iron or cast aluminum housings, held securely by steel tie rods. Sections are standard with internal and/or external drains

Shaft: Polished carbon steel or stainless steel for corrosive gas applications Impellers: Cast or fabricated high strength aluminum, available in radial or backward curved vane configurations

Bearings: Outboard mounted, grease or oil lubrication, sized for minimum 10 year bearing life. Optional water cooled bearings are available

Seals: Carbon/graphite rings, single for air or double for gas applications, purge capability available

Baffle Rings: For improved airflow into the impeller eye, resulting in higher efficiency and improved performance

Balance Piston: Used to absorb up to 75% of the axial thrust load in blowers operating at higher flows and pressure ratios

Bearing Housing: Cast iron housing with labyrinth seals to protect lubricant from contamination

Cooling Fans: Models 77 and larger incorporate cast aluminum cooling fans to assist heat dissipation