Wherever oxygen is required to facilitate combustion, our centrifugal multistage blowers are there. Municipalities and private industries rely on Continental machines to supply air at a variable flow rate to facilitate the combustion of waste products through a variety of means. This may include incinerating sludge from a wastewater treatment plant, recovering sulfur from waste emissions to meet environmental regulations at an oil refinery, or subjecting a petroleum-based substance to 950-degree heat, in order to create carbon black powder for use in pneumatic tires and printing inks. Ruggedness and variable air flow are essential in these highly demanding applications, and Continental Blowers have a proven track record in extreme environments.

Continental Blowers are rugged enough for:
  • Sulfur recovery units at petroleum refineries
  • Fluidized bed systems in the incineration of low BTU fuels
  • Carbon black production
  • Flue gas desulfurization and more
  • LNG Vaporization
  continental blower combustion air applications