77 Series - Air & Gas

Technical Data

Number of stage: 1 thru 8 (cast) - 1 thru 11 (fabricated)
Inlet connection: 8" (202 mm) flange, matches 125# ANSII
Outlet connection: 8" (202 mm) flange, matches 125# ANSII
Operating speed: 3550 rpm in direct drive (60Hz)
Lubrication: Oil type with constant level
(grease optional)
Impeller diameter: 24" (611 mm)
Impeller tip speed: 372 f/s (113 m/s)
Drive: Direct drive or gear box or V-belts
Vibration tolerance: 1.25 mils peak-to-peak (4.5 mm /s)
Shaft end: 2" 3/8 (60 mm ), inlet end drive standard

Materials of Construction

Heads, bearing housings: Cast iron ASTM A-48 Class 35B
Tie rods: 13/16" (20 mm) diameter
cold drawn steel A60
Join sealing compound : RTV IS502 Silicone
Seals (air): Two graphit rings each end
Seals (gas): Four carbon rings each end
with inert gas injection
Bearing: Ball bearings 6313 C3 per
Shaft: AISI 1038 Carbon Steel or equivalent
Impellers: Cast aluminium ASTM 360;
fabricated aluminium ASTM 6061
Baffle rings: Stainless steel
Motor pedestal : Structural steel
Base pads : Korfund Elasto-rib or equivalent
Noise level: In compliance with OSHA standards
when machine is fully piped
(certified tests available)